Our commitments

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Pleasurable work environment

Vicartem supports its staff to integrate into and develop within the group and provides ongoing training.

Creating pleasant working conditions is a daily aim with high quality, spacious and accessible offices.

For us the feeling of belonging to a team is essential and we regularly set up events for staff to meet and enjoy themselves.

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Making local heritage shine

Vicartem has a passion for remarkable settings.

The regions where we operate are rich in know-how, heritage and culture. It is our priority to make them shine day after day. We develop strong connections with regional stakeholders which makes us involved in stimulating the economy and in preserving our heritage and culture.

Of course, we recruit locally and take on interns, apprentices and trainees at the regional employment forums.


Reconciling quality
and durability

Nobody can ignore any longer the need to respect the environment.

Vicartem has set up waste recycling at all its sites. Wherever possible we are committed to using responsible materials in our operations.

Convinced that selecting for beauty also means durability, we prioritise quality equipment, designed to fulfil its functions gracefully over the long term as fashions change.

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