Our vision

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Wholehearted commitment to every project

Within the Vicartem Group, every project is an adventure.

When the group takes something on, our commitment is total. Loyalty, resources, energy, creativity – everything is brought to bear to make the project a success.

Love of a challenge and being involved are some of the forces that drive our teams and are one of the keys of our success. We always abide by the contract, whether it’s a written one or a moral contract.

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Putting human relations 
at the centre of our technical skills

Because of its family origin, the Vicartem group pays particular attention to human relations.

Our successes are often the result of great encounters. Our projects are carried out by teams from different backgrounds who are united by the pleasure of working together.

Even if our ambitions are great, our daily life remains on a human scale. Listening, attention to detail and respect for individuality are key values in our business operations and our customer vision. And it is the same care that gives a soul to our boutiques as well as to our hotels.


Valuing responsiveness and the instinct 
which makes things progress

Opening a hotel, betting on a superb location, selling a new label in a shop – our projects do not just follow a straight line!

They embody boldness, instinct and opportunities seized at the right time.

We have to find solutions when the unexpected happens, demonstrate flexibility and determination so things move forward no matter what happens. These qualities are our strengths and we are happy to build up our teams based on this business culture.

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Riding on the spirit of the times 
and cultivating change

Understanding our client’s expectations, taking on board new industry practice, understanding emerging requirements – these are the qualities that underpin our added value. That’s why we support change in the world by initiating innovative projects.

Creating a hotel with Maisons du Monde? Opening up apartments in a hotel? Re-using old materials in a project? All you need to do is make a decision for the impossible to become reality.